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Remedial Massage is a massage that manipulates the soft tissues of the body, employing techniques according to the client’s needs. The healing process begins at the cellular level which aids the repair of soft tissues, re-establishes functional integrity and facilitates health restoration.

Professional Profile

I am a professional, experienced and qualified remedial massage therapist who is highly skilled in a variety of message techniques. I have a passion for health and wellbeing and am committed to the long-term health of my clients.

In my practice I

  • Utilize effective techniques, including effleurage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and passive stretching.
  • Analyze case history, evaluate client physical condition and develop an applicable treatment plan.
  • Assess and treat specific injuries, including sports injuries.
  • Provide rehabilitation, strengthening and mobility excercise.

Regular Massage

Many people wait until they are in pain before turning to massage, but why wait? A regular massage as a preventative measure assists in avoiding injuries. Regular massage maintenance will increase your general sense of wellbeing for optimum physical and mental health, helping you to achieve your goals.